About Us

francebanglanews.com a new generation Bangla news portal operated from France and Bangladesh. francebanglanews.com is a most dynamic platform that brings news fast and accurate.

In the fast-moving 24 x 7 global news environment, Bangladesh and its people cannot look on to what is going around them and what may affect them as global citizens. Our real-time news coverage and interactive platform allow people to have their say, as news in the making affects them, too.

Our online readers are not mere recipient of anything and everything on the go, but active content provider. We believe our audience wherever they are, at home or abroad is not merely silent observer of events; they are also participants and catalysts. As a fast information provider with accuracy, our highest standards of professionalism in journalism will be tested by you. Our pledge to those we serve is to seek the truth, deliver the facts and offer relevant context and analysis where appropriate.

We will speak for human and civil rights, not for select groups but for all citizens, but also nurture open and respectful debate on the best ways to attain all such goals.

If you have any question about us then feel free to ask question. We will reply as soon as possible.